Kylie Eaton is a genre filmmaker with a passion for fantasy, science fiction, and all things other-worldly.

Originally from central Illinois, Kylie moved to Los Angeles in 2008, where her first job was working as the assistant to the head of Post Production at Twentieth Century Fox Television. After her time at Fox, Kylie began working freelance as an editor, and in 2014, she began her professional directing career. She has directed music videos for major labels, including Republic Records and Capitol Music Group. Kylie has also created branded and lifestyle content for such brands as Oliver Peoples and Shakeology.

Throughout her years as a director, Kylie has cultivated a strong set of skills. Working in music videos instilled a strong sense of visual storytelling. Her work as an editor has given her the tools of understanding innately how to craft and shoot a scene. She has ample experience in shooting for both Visual and Practical Effects. She has worked with a child actor in a leading role of a film and greatly enjoyed the experience.

Her narrative short film debut, "43 Quintillion," premiered in 2018 at MidWest Weird Fest, and went on to collect several accolades, including Best Drama Short Film at the 2018 Sioux Empire Festival. It premiered online at Directors Notes.

Kylie’s latest short film, "DISPEL", stars Eris Baker from This Is Us and features Gina Torres of Suits and Firefly fame. The fantasy short film debuted in March of 2019 at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival in Seattle, WA.

Kylie is a member of the Alliance of Women Directors.